Common Website Problems

Here are some of the problems that we frequently encounter with existing websites:

Poor Quality Design

Unattractive websites abound on the Internet.

This is because Web Design is primarily an artistic talent that most programmers and techies simply do not possess (it's the left-brain/right-brain thing). Far too many site owners engage the services of their favorite "techie hobbyist" to design and build their websites, and the results speak for themselves - these sites look ugly.

On the other hand, some graphic artists are so intent on creating a graphic masterpiece that they lose touch with the fact that the purpose of the website is to generate business for the client, not win a Web Design award.

Our philosophy is to build attractive, high-quality sites at affordable prices. You want a site that reflects the professionalism of your organization without breaking your budget. Most importantly we want our sites to succeed at attracting new business for our clients.

E-mail Address Exposed

Many businesses publish their e-mail addresses directly on their website. Unfortunately, this often leads to a flurry of unsolicited e-mails from spammers who harvest these e-mail addresses using automated web crawlers.

In our websites, we use encryption techniques that allow us to publish your e-mail address in a format that prevents it from being harvested by spammers.

Fails W3C Markup Validation

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is an international consortium whose sole purpose is to develop standards for the Web.

W3C offers a Markup Validation Service that allows website owners to determine if their website is compliant with the current standards.

Unfortunately, most websites are not W3C compliant. All of our websites are thoroughly tested to ensure that they pass these important tests.

Broken Links

If your site has non-functioning links this causes two main problems:

  • Google will penalize you for not keeping your site content current
  • Users will be frustrated and will assume that you do not perform regular maintenance on your website

We run monthly maintenance checks on all of our websites to ensure that any broken links are identified and removed.

No Mobile Version

If your website does not have a specialized mobile version you are shutting out 10 - 20% of your users. Now that Google gives preference to mobile friendly sites it is more imporant than ever to develop a mobile version of your site which offers the full functionality of the large screen version.

Slow Web Servers

Many web hosting firms use Shared Hosting accounts. This means that your website could be running on the same web server as thousands of other sites managed by different hosting companies. This results in very sporatic performance based on the activity of other sites. All of our sites are hosted on dedicated servers exclusive to We Think Solutions. This results in much more reliable and consistent performance.

Non-specific Page Titles

The title is the most important HTML tag for describing your page to Google and other search engines. Many sites use the same title for every page of the site and lose out on lots of traffic because of it. Every page on your site should have a unique title. An easy way to check this is to use a Google search with the command "".