Performance Based SEO

If you are not familiar with SEO, please visit Search Engine Optimization basics.

A common complaint of many website owners is that they do not feel that their website is "paying for itself". That is, the cost of building, hosting and maintaining the website often exceeds the revenue or income generated from their website. In most cases, the reason that the website falls short is that it does not get much traffic.

At We Think Solutions, we offer performance based hosting options to most of our clients. With this option, we conduct SEO (Search Engine Optimization) on your site such that the cost of this optimization service is aligned with the results delivered by the SEO. In other words, your payment to us is determined by the number of website visitors your website receives. Since there is usually a direct correlation between the number of site visitors a business gets and the number of prospective clients who contact the business our fees are well aligned with the "profitability" of the site.

With this option we set a "baseline" according to the average number of visitors your site has received over the past year. When there are fewer than this average number of visitors you don't pay anything, in this situation We Think Solutions hosts your website for free. In months where your traffic exceeds the historical average, you pay a small amount for each visitor above the baseline.

Here are the key reasons why this approach is better than what is offered by most web hosting and/or SEO companies.

Risk Free

If we are not successful in increasing the traffic to your site, our service does not cost you a penny plus you get the benefit of free website hosting. Most SEO companies charge an ongoing fee irrespective of whether they deliver any increase in new business.

Proven Success

We have a long track record of getting our clients to rank well in Google and other search engines. Here are just a few of our client sites that are first in Google for the most important search terms.

Win-Win Partnership

You need traffic to your website in order to establish contact with new prospective clients. We are compensated according to the amount of new traffic your website brings in. This means that our goals and objectives are completely aligned with those of your business.