Pay-Per-Click Advertising

It is not always possible to achieve top rankings in the organic search results of Google, Yahoo, and Bing for a variety of reasons:

  • Google places most new sites "on probation" for several months in order to confirm the site's legitimacy
  • it is essentially impossible for a small business website to ever achieve top rankings for common keywords such as "restaurant" or "lawyer"
  • most businesses prefer not to list their competitors on their own website - but would like to reach the audience that is searching for their competitors

In these situations, the solution is to utilize Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising.

Google Adwords

Search Engines such as Google and Yahoo display these ads next to their standard search results. Advertisers are only charged when users actually click on the ads.

PPC Advertising allows you to set up targeted advertisements that are shown to users whenever they search for specific phrases related to your industry. Importantly, you can decide which geographic area you want your ads to be displayed in. Many PPC advertisers make the mistake of showing their ads in areas that are far beyond their actual service zone.


If you are skeptical as to whether these ads work, consider these facts:

  • Google's revenue is around $17 billion per quarter, or $75 billion per year
  • According to their own Google Finance Website, Google generates revenue primarily by delivering online advertising. Businesses use its AdWords program to promote their products and services with targeted advertising.

Advertisers would not continue to pour billions of dollars into these ads if they were not producing results. It has been our experience that PPC advertisements are very effective at generating new business for many industries

Available Advertising Networks

We are very familiar with all of the leading Internet Marketing networks:

  • Google’s Adwords program is by far the most extensive network available on the Internet and all of our PPC Advertisers are running Google Ads
  • The Yahoo Bing Network offers advertising on Yahoo, Bing, and MSN.
  • Facebook advertising can be effective in some industries and allows targeting based on demographic information such as Age, Gender, Education Level, and Marital Status.

Getting Started

We can establish and manage a PPC advertising campaign for your business. A website is all that you need to start. If you don't have a website, we can build one for you that does not cost a fortune.

Standard Rates

Our PPC campaign management fees are based upon the total monthly amount that you are spending on the PPC ads themselves.

Monthly Cost of Ads Monthly Administration Fee One-Time Campaign Setup Fee
under $500 $99/month starting at $199
$500 to $2500 20% of cost of ads starting at $499
over $2500 15% of cost of ads (w/ $500/month minimum) starting at $999
Important Notes:
  • Our monthly or quarterly invoice to you will consist of the cost of the ads at source plus our administration fees.
  • We do not mark up the cost of the ads from the source and offer full disclosure of our costs.
  • If you wish, we can manage your PPC campaign from within your Google account and you can pay for the ads directly.

Beware of “All Inclusive” Pricing!

Many companies are now offering their PPC services on a “fixed monthly cost” basis whereby they include both their administration fee and the cost of the ads in an “All Included Price”. These offers typically also include a guarantee that you will be shown in #1 position in Google for specific search terms to your industry (often the “Top 10 phrases), and these companies do not disclose to you the actual cost of your ads at source.

We are aware of a firm that was approached with such a plan and agreed to pay a fixed amount of $1200 per month for a PPC campaign. The campaign was limited to only 10 key “search phrases”. Our analysis showed that the expected actual cost of the ads in this case was less than $100 per month. A properly managed PPC Campaign typically includes several hundred keywords, not just the “Top 10”. A much better solution for this firm would consist of approximately $1000 of direct ad spending each month plus $200 for our administration fee.

Please call us if you are stuck in a PPC contract that you believe is unfair.

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