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Sinclair Cleaning Systems Sinclair Cleaning Systems has a huge inventory of Ontario Cleaning Equipment. They supply carpet cleaners, janitorial firms and restoration firms with a wide range of cleaning equipment and cleaners.
GenHelm Integrated Generation Environment This sakila database demo site illustrates how comprehensive websites can be built using the GenHelm Integrated Generation Environment.
Mortgage Brokers Canada Cross Canada Mortgage Brokers provides highly competitive and discount mortgage rates to clients across Canada. Theirs are among the best Canada mortgage rates. Their network of agents work with specialty lenders to obtain rates that may not be offered by banks and traditional lenders.
Global Matrix Global Matrix is an Ontario-based supplier serving the Electrical, Data Communications & Security markets. We specialize in providing high-quality copper and fibre products from our worldwide network of manufacturers.
Industrial Weigh Scales Industrial Weigh Scales sells Forklift Scales and front-end loader scales.
Infinity Vinyl Decks This site provides Ontario hydro rates for most electricity retailers in Ontario.
Kitchener Mobile Mechanic Kitchener Mobile Mechanic provides on-site mechanical repairs to your motor vehicles and small engines.
Hughs Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Hugh's Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning is the oldest and most trusted Chatham carpet cleaning firm. Established in 1978, no stain is too set for the experts at Hugh's Carpet Cleaning.
Merge Images Merge Images is a website which allows you to merge images or photos to create new images. It can be used to add watermarks to images.
Electricity Rates across Canada Hydro Rates is an informational website used to compare electricity rates in various regions across Canada.
GolfView GolfView is an online tool that allows golf enthusiasts to view some of the world's best golf courses using satellite photography with all the tees and holes shown. Their website features an interactive tool that allows golfers to map out a course in advance of playing it. Distance markers allow you to "play" the course online to discover potential hazards before you get to the actual course.
Bimal Shah, Mississauga Accountant Bimal Shah is a Mississauga Accountant. His firm offers accounting and tax planning services to small and medium-sized businesses in Mississauga and surrounding areas of the GTA.
CableSeal Raised Floor Insulation CableSeal manufactures and distributes raised floor grommets to seal air conditioned or refrigerated areas to save energy and prevent dust. CableSeal is widely used to ensure efficient data center cooling.
Impact Cleaning Services Impact Cleaning Services is a premier Toronto Janitorial Service. They have been providing janitorial and related services throughout the Greater Toronto Area and Southern Ontario for more than 50 years.
PulseRX PulseRX is a leader in Long Term Care Pharmacy Services in Ontario. They provide a Multi Dose strip packaging system to ensure that all patients are administered the proper medication at the correct time of the day.
Scientia Solutions Scientia Solutions offers an experienced team of Lawson Budgeting and Planning consultants. They specialize in delivering advanced budget and forecasting solutions to Lawson clients throughout North America.
Search any Website allows users to add Google search to Facebook and create free website search capabilities.
SPACE Canada - Solar Power Alternative for Clean Energy, Solar Power Satellites. Space Canada is dedicated to promoting space-based solar power through research, education and international dialog. They serve as a facilitator to organizations and governments to help transform our world view from one of isolated energy solutions to a comprehensive global system.
Dicom X-Ray Share XRAYSHARE is a web based solution for DICOM X-Ray Sharing and Archiving. This system allows veterinarians, radiologists and other medical professionals to share digital X-rays with colleagues, patients or medical experts using nothing but a web browser.
Jamie Garvey, Mississauga Chiropractor Dr. Jamie Garvey is a Mississauga Chiropractor who helps individuals achieve and maintain optimal health and healing through natural Chiropractic care. He treats all types of aches and pains and offers procedures to help prevent spinal degeneration and improve Nervous System function.
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